Tele Tabeeb


TeleTabeeb-1123 is a trailblazer in Pakistan’s telehealth sector, dedicated to making healthcare accessible and convenient. It revolutionizes healthcare by connecting users to a range of services, from mental health consultations to family planning, through a comprehensive online platform.

With TeleTabeeb, individuals can consult experienced professionals anytime, anywhere via voice calls. We advocate for universal access to high-quality healthcare, ensuring geographical barriers don’t hinder care. TeleTabeeb isn’t just a service.

 It’s our commitment to democratizing healthcare and empowering individuals to prioritize their well-being, regardless of circumstances or mobility limitations.

Scope of Services at TeleTabeeb-1123

Pillars of TeleTabeeb-1123 Operations

At Tele Tabeeb 1123, we prioritize accessibility, quality, and confidentiality. Our principles include:

Continuous Accessibility

Providing uninterrupted teleconsultation services across Pakistan.

Experienced Medical Professionals

A dedicated team of doctors, advisors, and counsellors.

Confidentiality Assurance

Strict measures to protect callers' personal and medical data.

Interactive Interface

Easy-to-use platform for seamless access and inquiry management.

Ongoing Development and Training

Continuous training to ensure expertise and stay updated with medical advancements.