Sindh Integrated Emergency & Health Services

Sindh Integrated Emergency & Health Services (SIEHS Hope on the way), fondly termed by masses as “Hope” is a section 42 (NFP) Company formed by GOS on 14 Aug-2021 vide & GOS Gazette “Hope” is in true sense testimony of GOS obligatory commitment to be with its people 24/7 especially in hour of need.

Basic concept is of government being a mother populace a children. When kids fall in situation of stress, strain, distress or emergency, most they need is hug of mother and later the best escape is into her lap. Our ambulance albeit “Hopes” are the “Laps of mom” where everyone, no matter who he/she is, irrespective of class, creed, color, code, religion or affiliation, is entitled to take respite, get stable , reach right health facility all at a call’s notice, within minimum possible time, with no caveat of payment /pressures across entire Sindh 24/7, All this is a happy combo of best possible vehicle, superb medical & bio-medical equipment, meticulous team, very well trained crew members with highly professional & passionate management team.

This all when jelled together make the real team SIEHS- The Hope on the way (our motto). This service is primarily a pre-hospital component of primary health care spectrum with focus on timely, effective, patient-oriented ambulance and holistic health care services for the people of Sindh.

Our Vision

Through a pro-active approach, Government of Sindh through the Department of Health and its outreach initiatives/organs, will continue to strive for ensuring a relatively “improved state of well-being”, of its populace, across the entire Sindh.

Our Mission

SIEHS, through a graduated plan to execute government’s “wellbeing vision” focusing on integrating maximum assets/resources for initiatives to achieve an incrementally satisfied populous of Sindh and its surroundings.

Our Values


We the team HOPE, are passionate to focus, improve, innovate and inspire to transform lives.


We the team HOPE, are honest, ethical, dependable and fair in everything we say, do and deliver.


We the team HOPE, feel responsible for our actions thus we own all our initiations and missions.


We the team HOPE, believe in integration and collaboration to multiply the impact exponentially.