SIEHS 1122

  • 30 Districts Covered across Sindh.
  • 371 Fleet Size Ambulances
  • All main Highways & Population Hubs Covered.
  • 43 SIEHS Stations Across Sindh.

SIEHS-1122 Ambulatory Wing

The Sindh Integrated Emergency and Health Services (SIEHS), operating as a section 42 not-for-profit company in collaboration with the Government of Sindh, embodies a significant commitment to fortify primary healthcare structures throughout Sindh. This collaboration ensures the provision of timely, effective, patient-centric ambulance and comprehensive healthcare services, all at no cost to the public.

Designated as the managing organization for ambulatory services on behalf of the Government of Sindh, SIEHS-1122 delivers pre-hospital emergency services across the entire province, maintaining a fleet of state-of-the-art ambulances available 24/7. Equipped with life-saving drugs, biomedical equipment, and highly trained staff, these ambulances stand ready to respond to any medical emergency promptly.

SIEHS functions encompass Emergency Services (1122 Ambulance) to ensure operational excellence, internal training facilities, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, and stringent quality checks uphold standardized procedures within SIEHS, an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

With a fleet of 371 advanced ambulances strategically deployed across motorways, national highways, provincial highways, population hubs, and district headquarters, SIEHS ensures comprehensive health emergency response coverage.

Recognizing SIEHS’s pivotal role in providing life-saving services to the masses, the Health Department of Sindh has pledged additional ambulances to expand operations even to the remotest areas, with plans to increase the fleet to 1100 ambulances. Field offices in all district headquarters facilitate efficient emergency management.

Amidst challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, floods in 2022, and recent emergencies like the Hazara Express derailment near Shaheed Benazirabad, both EMS-1122 have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to service, earning widespread recognition from government and non-government stakeholders alike.