The Initiative

Chief Executive Officer, Brigadier Tariq Quadir Lakhiar (R), envisages a network of empathetic individuals who are not only seasoned experts but also budding talents, individuals from varied backgrounds brimming with promise, and conscientious souls eager to drive transformation. This is an invitation extended to anyone – be it a seasoned professional, a student, or a catalyst for change. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-enlightenment and become a guiding light illuminating the paths of countless others during their moments of crisis.

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Our Presence

How You Can Get Involved

Discover exciting opportunities to contribute by joining our team. Whether through internships, full-time positions, or freelance roles, there are various ways to get involved and make an impact. Explore our openings and find a role that matches your skills and passions. Join us in shaping a better future together.

Current Openings

The SIEHS mission currently envisions to strengthen our workforce, our current openings comprise of the following functions, Finance, Internal Audit, People & Culture, Programs, Logistics, Security, Administration, Infrastructure, Research, Training, Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Management Unit, Government Relations, Public Relations, Operations Management, District Management, Ambulance Crew, and Call Agents among others.

Our extensive induction and training program ensure to embed the essence of SIEHS brand to ensure the success of incumbents and create a streak of proven track record.

Corporate Alliance

Seasoned professionals can provide comprehensive support across various domains, encompassing professional development, philanthropic contributions, fundraising campaigns, MIS system refinement, data entry, website design, People & Culture advancement, and training initiatives. Our strategic alliances with distinguished entities, including NEBOSH, Call Centers, Customer Care, IT, Fleet, Procurement, and others, are forged with the collective intent of effecting a substantial and purposeful impact. Together, we can aspire to create enduring positive change and foster meaningful advancements in these critical areas.


The program’s core objective is to provide young students, recent graduates, and individuals in career transition with immersive and hands-on experiences in the not for profit sector. Our goal is to empower participants to acquire valuable insights and make significant contributions in their respective fields of interest.


Mentoring stands as the cornerstone of all our programs, offering a unique opportunity to support a young individual in realizing their full potential and aspirations. By assuming the role of a Mentor at the Khush-hal Sindh program, you can derive immense satisfaction from positively influencing a life. Within Khush-hal Sindh program, your role as a Mentor parallels that of a caregiver—offering solace to ease emotional distress, arranging medical aid when needed, and providing a constant presence to instill a sense of security.

We warmly invite seasoned professionals from diverse fields to voluntarily contribute their expertise to the enriching mission of Khush-hal Sindh program. Your primary impetus in this endeavor should be the profound value of compassion. Embrace this fulfilling journey with us and become a driving force for transformative impact.

Online Volunteer-ship

The Khush-hal Sindh program cordially invites individuals with relevant skills to participate in online volunteering opportunities, offering a platform to optimize their time effectively. Online volunteering proves particularly beneficial for those constrained by time, travel limitations, or domestic responsibilities. Whether you are an executive, student, homemaker, or part of a group, your expertise, creativity, and knowledge can be harnessed from any location worldwide by enrolling as an online volunteer with us.

As an online volunteer, you can leverage your proficiency in fields such as law, design, marketing, and more to contribute to a variety of tasks, including program management, content creation, legal support, child and human development understanding, knowledge of prevalent issues in Pakistan, and research capabilities.

Join us in this virtual collaboration to effect meaningful change, transcending physical boundaries as we collectively strive for positive transformation. Your dedication as an online volunteer is a valuable asset in enhancing our community and beyond.

Short-Term Volunteer-ship

Our short-term volunteer team, comprising students and professionals, invests numerous hours weekly in the holistic growth of children and young adults within the program. We offer compelling opportunities for individuals seeking short-term volunteer commitments, tailored for those with time constraints yet eager to create a significant impact.


For individuals situated outside of Pakistan who are eager to contribute their support, we welcome you to join our international team of volunteers. Together, let us create a lasting and impactful change across borders.

Our international program transcends the traditional view of a resume-enhancing opportunity; it unfolds as a transformative journey. Immerse yourself in the heart of a dynamic organization pulsating with the essential rhythm of saving lives. Whether you are a corporate professional looking to rekindle your sense of humanity, a budding medical student seeking hands-on experience, or a seasoned mentor eager to empower the next generation, SIEHS 1122 offers a space to nurture your unique talents. Enhance your impact and contribute to the noble cause of emergency medical services, where your skills and dedication will truly thrive.

What advantages does
this provide for you?

At SIEHS 1122, we engage with the profound spectrum of human experiences daily – from vulnerability to resilience and the delicate essence of life itself.

Our diverse programs cater to various human aspirations:

  • Expand your horizons by embracing the transformative influence of social responsibility, integrating compassion into your leadership ethos.
  • Acquire invaluable hands-on experience, honing your skills under the mentorship of seasoned professionals and witnessing the practical application of theoretical knowledge.
  • Share your expertise and wisdom, molding the minds and hearts of future healthcare champions.
  • Overcome geographical barriers by contributing remotely, making your skills and dedication accessible throughout Sindh.
  • Tailored for individuals with limited availability but boundless compassion, offering an intensive overview of emergency response and service intricacies.

Irrespective of your background, SIEHS 1122 offers a platform to unleash your inner potential. More than a mere philosophy, “a way through a light” evolves into a practical application. Equipped with essential tools and training, you will navigate emergency situations, offering first aid, psychological support, managing logistics, and ensuring prompt responses.

Beyond technical training, we foster empathy, immersing you in Sindh’s cultural fabric, connecting you with the resilience of our community and their unyielding faith in humanity. Compassion transitions from an abstract concept to a tangible force for good.

Participating in the SIEHS 1122 “Healthy Sindh Mission Program” transcends merely enhancing your profile; it involves leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals you touch. Embrace the opportunity to make a difference in critical moments, becoming an inspiration of hope amidst the vast expanse of human suffering.

If you feel the inner call to action, if you aspire to make a lasting impact, and if you believe in the transformative influence of compassion, we welcome you to join us. Together, let us weave a rich tapestry of service, lighting the way for those in need and demonstrating that a path illuminated by compassion truly exists.

Submit your application today and embark on a journey that not only changes your life but also kindles the light within you.

Never underestimate the influence of a single spark; it possesses the capability to ignite a wildfire of hope. Be that pivotal spark and join the “Healthy Sindh Mission.”