Emergency Vehicle Operator – Female – Karachi – 16022024


The Emergency Vehicle Operator is a member of the Ambulance crew of the Emergency Medical Services of the Sindh Integrated Emergency & Health Services. The EVO responds to emergency calls and drives the vehicle in a safe and efficient manner. The EVO is required to assist the Ambulance crew in BLS where required.  


EVO is responsible for the vehicle’s external cleaning and the front, driver’s cabin, identifying problems with the functioning of the vehicle, ensuring accident free and sate driving 

  • Reports to duty smartly dressed in uniform.
  • Will report for the duty at least 15 minutes before the commencement of his shift to facilitate handing/ taking over. 
  • Will ensure proper external cleaning of the ambulance at the time of taking over, during his shift and hands it over to next crew in same condition, 
  • Will properly take over the ambulance at the beginning of duty and hand it over to next shift staff/ station coordinator and document it on the form provided. 
  • Will record on a given form, all the shortages in the ambulance (related to the vehicle only) and inform the Doctor or EMT in—charge of the ambulance. 
  • Will ensure that the ambulance is mechanically fit for operation in all aspects. 
  • After taking charge of the ambulance, driver must not leave the ambulance without informing team leader. 
  • Will try to maximize knowledge about the geography and important landmarks of the area of duty. 
  • In case EMT is not present in the ambulance, an EVO is responsible to respond promptly to any emergency call and inform the doctor immediately. 
  • During driving it is mandatory for the driver and passenger to wear the seat belt. 
  • Will not permit anyone to ride the ambulance other than the duty staff and during patient transfer no attendant will be allowed to sit in front. 
  • Will communicate with the CCC over the wireless and if traffic conditions do not permit this, will ask the EMT to do this on her behalf. 
  • Try to reach the place of incident within the standard response time never compromising the safety of the crew, patients and the vehicle. 
  • Leave the vehicle running at all times while on scene. 
  • Assist the doctor and EMT in providing care on place of incident as needed/ guided by the doctor. 
  • Upon arrival at the hospital turn off the ambulance and assist the ambulance team in unloading the patient. 
  • Assist the team in transferring the patient to the hospital bed, if necessary. 
  • It is driver’s responsibility to properly lock the ambulance and secure it transferring the patient. 
  • Do not use the emergency siren and lights while transferring a normal routine case and when returning to the station/key point. 
  • Any other task assigned by the Station Supervisor. 
  • Should have basic knowledge of using computer and android skills 


 Technical Skills: 

 Basic Life Support Training 

  • Safe Driving 
  • Wireless Communication 
  • Basic Computer Skills 

 Management Skills 

 Time management skills 

  • Good interpersonal skills 

Key Attributes: 

  • Physically fit 
  • Ability to work under pressure 

Qualification: Matriculation/Middle pass

Training/Courses : Safe Driving /Basic Life Support (BLS)

License: LTV

Age: Minimum 20 years

 Gender: Female

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